John Lennon walrus notebook fetches £126,500

John LennonA John Lennon schoolboy notebook containing the 10-year-old's drawing of Lewis Carroll's The Walrus and the Carpenter, yesterday was sold to a private collector for £126,500. The poem is said to have inspired the 1967 Beatles' song I Am the Walrus. At the same London auction, a ship's log kept by Lennon in a crossing to Bermuda in 1980 went for £12,000, while his silver christening bracelet was sold for £27,000. All the lots were sold at an auction of pop memorabilia at Maddam Tussaud's in London. A letter from Paul McCartney to the other band members, linked to a dispute over who was to manage the group, failed to reach its reserve of £50,000, according to the BBC. The letter is believed by some experts to have finally lead to the end of the Beatles. 


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