Liverpool’s listed buildings – a list

Tobacco WarehouseFor anybody interested in which buildings in Liverpool are Grade I or II listed, in addition to which aren't, there is now a comprehensive listing at the Yo Liverpool site, as pointed out by There are two lists; first the highest graded buildings, then a comprehensive list. In related news, Liverpool City Council has scrapped its tall buildings policy, which effectively limited skyscrapers to certain parts of the city and led to some frustration on the part of some developers and urban planners. Council Leader Warren Bradley said in an interview with, a new addition to the icLiverpool stable: "I think (the policy) was a mistake. If you want to be a progressive, proactive city, you can't have a ridiculous policy that says you can't have this and you can't have that."


2 Responses to “Liverpool’s listed buildings – a list”

  1. melbyrne Says:

    I love this site. Good work…

  2. A.D. Williams Says:

    Would it not have been nice to have asked to use pictures from my websites before doing do!

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