Slavery Remembrance Day

A slave pen23rd August, 1791, St Domingo. A slave uprising began, a key event in the eventual abolition of slavery. That’s why UNESCO chose the date for this international day of remembrance, with particular resonance in Liverpool, which as a city and community did so much to grow and profit from slavery. The events this year begin on Sunday and end next Wednesday. They are as follows:

Sunday 20 Aug, 1pm and 2.45pm. African drumming with Ma Ma Dou at Merseyside Maritime Museum

Tuesday 22 Aug, 10.30am and 2.30pm. Slavery Trail walks, organised by the Maritime Museum, which closely follow the physical links to the trans-Atlantic slave trade. 30 mins duration.

Tuesday 22 Aug, 6pm. Ekow Eshun delivers a memorial lecture at Liverpool Town Hall.

Wednesday 23 Aug, 10.45am. Interfaith church service at St Nicholas, opposite Pier Head.

Wednesday 23 Aug, 12pm onwards at Otterspool Promenade:

Traditional African and Caribbean food in the marquee, arts and crafts and music

1pm: Traditional libation ceremony at the waterfront by Chief Angus Chukuemeka.

1.30pm onwards: Afternoon of music and drama from local artists.

Read here for more on Liverpool and the Slave Trade and Get a Map and Directions to Otterspool Prom. A free bus service will run. (photo c AP)


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