Deadline Day Looms For New Liverpool Stadium

The KopThis Thursday, Sept. 28, Liverpool Football Club must prove it has the money in place to pay for the new Anfield – the planned £215 million, 60,000-seat Stanley Park Stadium.  With Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez already in talks with LFC chairman Rick Parry about how to retain Anfield’s unique atmosphere at the new ground and retain the supporters’ crucial role in Liverpool’s past and future success, there’s an air of progress about the deal. Rafa wants a ‘collosseum’ of football, similar to Argentine club Boca Juniors’ La Bombonera stadium, according to media reports, with steep, serried ranks of seating capable of creating a wall of noise to rival the kop in its hey-day. But before his dream is realised, there’s the small matter of the money.  Last Friday, the Anfield board met to discuss financing. The projects cost has increased to £215 million, while £180 million in funding needs to be in place for work to commence.  Local councillors and other officials, with whom rests over £20 million in public funding for the stadium, need assurances at this Thursday’s meeting that LFC has the remaining money in place.  Media reports say Liverpool have held talks with half-a-dozen potential investors, including the Kraft family in the U.S., a Dubai-based investment fund, a southern-based consortium and Steve Morgan, the local property, construction and hotels multi-millionaire who has tried unsuccesfully to buy himself a place on the Liverpool board. Morgan has so far chosen not to make a fifth bid, but some senior shareholders at Liverpool want to see Morgan working alongside majority shareholder David Moores. It could get interesting over the next couple of days. 


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