Big Breakthrough For New Liverpool Stadium

Anfield RoadLast night, £9 million of European Union funding connected with LFC’s plans for a  new 60,000-seat Stanley Park Stadium was approved following assurances from the club that the majority of the remaining money for the stadium  is in place. In what is a complex financial situation, Liverpool’s board had until yesterday to present a convincing case that its stadium plans would go ahead to secure a first round of public funding. The £9 million, from the European Development Fund (Objective 1), is earmarked for the regeneration of Stanley Park, the Gladstone Conservatory and other public works in the vicinity, all of which in their turn hinge on the construction of the Stanley Park Stadium. It is now hoped the Objective 1  funding will trigger further public funding, including £8.9 million from the North West Development Agency and £1.7 million from Liverpool City Council, which is the beneficiary of the £9 million EU money already agreed.  However, as yet there have been no clear statements from Liverpool Football Club or its board members on how the private-sector money to build the stadium will be raised. There are thought to be at least three proposals, one of which includes local building and hotels magnate Steve Morgan, who has made several unsuccessful bids for Liverpool Football Club.  What is needed now is a clear statement from LFC, not only for supporters, but for the people of Anfield.


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