Tour de FranceThere’s something about the Tour de France. I mean, I enjoy watching sport in general, particularly the mighty LFC, of course – leaving the past week aside. Pro cycling, by comparison, is a bit niche. And there’s little enough coverage of what can be a bit of a complicated sport on U.K. TV, other than the Tour itself. It’s also a sport, perhaps like many, riddled with doping, which tarnishes the already considerable physical and mental ability of the athletes that take part. Despite that, there’s a grandeur in the Tour that seems to endure. The cat and mouse games of the team ‘domestiques’ that seek to power their star cyclists to victory by chasing down breakaways, acting as pace-makers and giving their support to the best among them; the strange appeal of the sport to ‘outsiders’ and complex athletes with often dark personalities; but overall the physical extremes of what they go through. All these make it a fascinating event. Anyway, I came across a video on YouTube that I think conveys something of its spirit. Of course, the choice of Johnny Cash’s version of ‘Hurt’ for the music – he said himself it was the best antidrug song he’d ever heard when he covered it  – is poignant. Watch it here. 


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