New Anfield Stadium Revealed

Having been away on holiday, I was sorry to miss the revelation of Dallas-based HKS’ architects’ design mock-ups for the new stadium. As I said in the previous post, the design promised to be something quite exceptional, and so it has proven. Hopefully, work will now start on the stadium by the end of this year, with completion set for 2010.


3 Responses to “New Anfield Stadium Revealed”

  1. Param Suppiah Says:

    My work involves in projects – i.e building hotels. I represent the Owner / Client and work on projects. Being a ‘die-hard’ Liverpool fan I wish to be part of the new stadium construction. Therefore, how could I apply for a job on this esteem and histirical project ?

  2. Param Suppiah Says:

    I know there have been many set backs to the Anfield Stadium project with the current development in the team. Hope to be part of the project and build a dream – ‘dream of anfield’.

  3. Kafi Pahlevi ✔ (@kafipahlevi) Says:

    You’ll Never wAlk Againts enemy

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