International Slavery Museum To Open

Liverpool’s new International Slavery Museum will open on 23 August – Slavery Remembrance Day. “This unique and thought-provoking museum explores the slave trade and Liverpool’s involvement, while addressing issues such as freedom, identity, human rights, racial discrimination and cultural change,” says National Museums Liverpool. The new museum replaces the Transatlantic slavery gallery, and is the first phase in its three-stage development encompassing ‘Life in West Africa’, ‘Enslavement and the Middle Passage’, and ‘Legacy.’ The museum includes a walk-in audio-visual display to graphically illustrate the appalling conditions on slave ships. Opening times Thursday 23 and Friday 24 August, extended opening hours of 9.45am to 7pm. The museum will open early from 9.45am to 5pm from Saturday 25 August to Tuesday 28th. From Wednesday 29 August it will open dialy 10am-5pm, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and News Year’s Day.


2 Responses to “International Slavery Museum To Open”

  1. hugh ruthven Says:

    tubman got slaves to cleveland ohio. How did she get them to chatham ontario, canada. Where would i find this information?

  2. Michael B. Says:

    Hello: What are the star-shaped images in your slavery picture? MB

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